Not going to be a TON of stuff here.....a few poems and links to some of my stories will probably suffice. The name of my site dates back nearly 20 years to a time when I had lots more energy and lots less stresses in life. I used to write everything on an old Brother word-processor with an 8 line screen. It had 8K of internal memory, but I could save things to floppy discs. It was pretty cutting edge for its' time.....and cost me $300 when a personal computer would have cost thousands. I must have typed 25,000 pages on that thing...and some days I wish I still had it. Anywho...I started a quarterly "poetry-zine" that I called Kreative Outburztz and included not only my own poetry but poetry from other folks as well. Everything was done through the mail and I had subscribers all the way down the East Coast into Florida. It was pretty cool, but it only lasted about 18 months as the costs were kinda high for postage and copying. But....I kept writing for a while. Here are some of my results

Short Stories

Fly By Night (written during my first flight which I was sure would crash and burn)

The Dance (inspired by a short story Stephen King wrote and published as part of the Bachman Books)

The Road (this one is pretty long....I think it has potential but I must have gotten bored part way through its' writing)

Happy Days To Come (my daughter loved Little House On The Prairie....so I wrote this for her when she was in Third Grade)

While I like to write stories, my first love as a child was writing poetry. As I've gotten older (some would say just plain old) I realize that a lot of what I wrote didn't have much substance. Some of it did.....here are a few that I think pass that test. I'll certainly add more as I go through things....I have written hundreds and don't think more than 10-20 will end up here.

Russian Roulette

Facedown At Christmas

Lady Rebecca

My God He Be Of Thunder

Dry Heaves

Below is an article that I wrote about local Country Music Artist Tim Brick...enjoy!