Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca

Buzz Fisher

In the Forest

of the Eternal

it came to me -

the ghost of Father -

long since dead.

I shall not believe

that this could happen

just my mind

making me a fool

to myself.

Reality has escaped me

and darkness has filled the void

left when she flew.

“Father, it cannot be you

that has come to visit,

for you are no more.”

“But it is I my son -

I have come to warn

of impending danger.

It is not a sword

which shall do you in -

for a sword only

runs through the carrier.

You must protect from

Lady Rebecca who runs

not through the carrier

but through the veins -

through the soul, I say.”

“But Father, Lady Rebecca

is the one I love.

She is not of the wicked cloth

as you say.

But you are my Father,

or the ghost of such,

and I shall heed your warning -

though I feel it is wrongly placed.”

“You need not believe

that I am real -

only that my message is true.

It is not death that you must fear,

it is the killing of the soul.

Lady Rebecca possesses the poison

which has killed more souls

than any warrior’s sword

has run through!”

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