My God He Be Of Thunder

My God He Be Of Thunder

Buzz Fisher

I’ll walk this hall but once

from my cell to the chair.

They’ve given me new prison blues

and shaved off all my hair.

The priest walks behind me

not out of respect but fear.

The guards have smiles on their faces

and they both smell like beer.

My knees are shaking

though I knew this day would come.

With the shackles on my ankles

there’s no way I could run.

I simply walk

this walk of death

and try to spit

the puke off my breath.

We’ve come to the door

which leads to the end.

“Have you any last words

to share with the Lord, my friend?”

The priest smiles

and the answer I think he knew.

“Yeah Padre -

you bet your ass I do!

My God he be of thunder

my angels they be rain

my miracles be from gluttony

and my saints are of pain.

My nuns are sluts

and my priests like to kill.

And you motherfuckers -

I’ll see you in Hell!

Hell’s my playground

and I make the rules.

Me and Lucifer

will have fun with all you fools.”

The guards start to laugh -

they’ve heard it before.

But they’ll be saying similar

when they get to my door.

I sit in the chair

and they buckle me in.

“Now my son,

you shall die for your sins.”

They check the straps

then the switch is thrown.

I have to smile -

I’m going home.

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