Valley Floors

        After losing last week to rain, the weather was awesome for a full card of racing!  A glitch with the electricity left fans without an announcer for the first few heat races but everything (except the Victory Lane microphone) were back up and running before it got dark.  Along with the 5 regular weekly racing series fans were treated to a visit from the Granite State Mini Sprints.  They brought two classes (500cc and 600cc) but pretty limited numbers.  Hopefully they will bring friends for their next visit!

        One highlight was the awarding of prizes for the Annual Car Show, postponed due to last week's rainout.  Fans may have been confused by the car picking up the 2nd Place Trophy in the Fast Four Division as Travis Hull wheeled his second ride of 2011 out to receive recognition for his original car.  Here's the car that was awarded 2nd best:

        During the first segment of the Opening Night Event Hull demolished his car and had to buy a replacement that saw action on the track last year, driven by Josh Connor.  So.....Travis pulled into Victory Lane to grab a trophy signifying his car 2nd Best with this ride (and a big smile on his face):

        Strange things happen sometimes.....but this one wasn't as strange as it probably appeared to some folks.

Weekly Feature Event Results

Fast Fours: 
Danny Doyle
Kevin Harran
Bobby Bell

Bond Auto Sportsman DIRTcar Modifieds:
Ricky Martel
Jason Gray
Adam Pierson

Wells River Chevrolet Sportsman Coupes:
Josh Harrington
Gene Pierson
Jeremy Stygles

A Notch Above Limited Late Models:
Jeremy Hodge
Will Hull
Ryan Christian

KDD NAPA Ridge Runner Hornets:
Eric Lang
Tom Placey
Brent Warren

Visit Valley Floors by clicking on their van driver trophies from this event:

Click here for my full gallery (744 photos) from this event!

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