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Welcome to my library!

I'm proud to say that I take after my father, Bert, in a lot of ways.  I try to work hard, pay attention to the world around me, vote at every opportunity and to never stop learning.  No matter what else was happening in my Dad's life, he was most definitely reading in whatever free time he could find.  Now that he is retired he has even more time to read.  He's big on history.....seems to love biographies and the first Stephen King book I ever read was his tattered copy of "Carrie" when I was about 12. 

The house that I grew up in was tiny.  Four small, square rooms (2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room) and a bathroom.  The first color television that I ever saw was when I was was at a friend's house and hooked up to cable.  A far cry from the 13" black and white set at home that usually received CBS and ABC (and sometimes....if the wind was blowing just right it would pick up NBC as well).  Someone would need to go out to turn the antenna by hand....with someone inside hollering when the picture came in clearly. 

At the top of the stairs (which split the house down the middle) was a huge built in set of bookshelves.  There was a HUGE variety of books....from the set of Encyclopedia Britannica to a big collection of Reader's Digest Condensed books (and everything in between).   Man, I loved that bookcase.  Have even glanced up the staircase in our own home and wondered how I could replicate it.  Alas, I can't.  Next best thing is a room upstairs.  Wanda has basically given me free reign over it....and it is in the process of becoming my library.  I need more efficient bookcases and would love to get some of the "hey those aren't books!" stuff moved into another room.  Until then.......

Stephen King Collection