Triple 50's

            Another interesting night of racing without a Late Model Sportsman in sight!  A decent crowd was on hand (with LOTS of New York cars in the parking lot) to watch our support divisions put on special 50 lap well as the steel bodied Renegades from Airborne Speedway over in Plattsburgh, NY.  Those fans saw a great night of action....with the Renegades and Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors running Twin 25 lap segmented races.  The Tigers ran a straight 50 lapper.....with a guy that was a surprise winner three wins ago picking up his 4th!!  Add in 17 novice women drivers (and I mean NO disrespect for women's just a fact AND a requirement for this one) in the Powder Puff Race....and was another crazy night at Thunder Road!

The Junkyard Warriors ran a combined Feature with those Street Stocks that didn't qualify for the Main Event
and Jason Woodard picked up another top spot, followed by Brock Parrott and William Good, a Riverside Cyclone driver.

The top three in the Street Stocks is starting to look familiar, with Greg Adams grabbing his second straight
win.  Nick Pillotte and Bunker Hodgdon landed on the same steps of the podium as they sat
on Sunday.

The visiting Airborne Renegades put on a great show....and when it was over Lance Rabtoy was the top dog.
Kevin Boutin, Jr and Larry Underwood also took trophies back across Lake Champlain.

Remember when I said that they needed to put Janelle Hodgdon in a Street Stock after her performance
in the Enduro?  Well...she went out and put on a show in the Powder Puff race as well!
Full-time ride next season?  I have to believe that will happen!

Tucker Williams picked up his 4th Feature win of the season.....besting Brendan Moodie and
Kyle Pembroke who picked up his first career podium finish in the Tigers. driver trophies from this event:

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