Times Argus Mid-Season Championships

            Hard to believe that the 2011 season has reached the half-way point....but apparently it's true.  So, that meant the always classic, always chaotic and often destiny changing event called the Times Argus Mid-Season Championships.  Why is is so crazy?  Well....for starters Double Points are awarded in all divisions in every race.  Extra laps in every Feature Event.  And a wake up call to everyone about the need to start putting together good results if they want to have a chance at the end of the season.  This one did not disappoint, that's for sure!

After a crazy Feature Event, Scott Coburn snuck by Chris Pelkey for his first win of the season
in the Tiger Sportsmen.  Mike Billado finished third.  I think it was the first podium for each of these
guys this year....couldn't happen on a better night!

In the Late Models, Dave Pembroke made it back-to-back wins after a wild final ten laps saw
leader Chip Grenier wreck while trying to split two lapped cars.  This led to an incident between Phil Scott
and John Donahue when John got into the back of Scott and took them both out.  Pembroke made it to the front
and was followed across the line by Nick Sweet and Cody Blake.  HUGE night as far as points go!

Big night for CreativeOutbursts.com drivers in the Street Stock Feature!  My boys
Jeffrey Martin picked up his second win of the year, while Ken Christman
finished second.  Bunker Hodgdon rounded out the podium with another solid run.

In the Junkyard Warriors Feature, Jason Woodard picked up another win
by beating Kevin Wheatley and Brock Parrott across the line.  This division is becoming my
least favorite based on the over aggressive driving of a couple of the drivers.  I try to
keep my opinions to myself but someone is going to get hurt if the foolishness
keeps up!

One of the highlights of the Mid-Season Championships is that it is also Autograph Night for the fans!
CreativeOutbursts.com driver Troy Kingsbury was able to pull some strings and arrange for the Green Lantern
to join the drivers!!  Troy and the other VG Racing drivers handed out autographed t-shirts as well as Hero Cards!

Even Speed Bump, Thunder Road's new mascot, got into the fray and signed some autographs!

CreativeOutbursts.com driver trophies from this event:

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