Labor Day Classic

            Wow am I late in putting this page together!!  The old commercial said "Life comes at you fast!"  What it doesn't say is "Life comes at you fast....and sometimes hits you right between the eyes!!"  While I may not remember every little thing that happened over the weekend (this was a two day event) I sure do remember that it was HOT and HUMID!

        I'll start with Qualifying Day (which is also known as Saturday).  The day started with Time Trials for the Junkyard Warriors, Allen Lumber Street Stocks and Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen.  There were no Late Model Sportsmen on the track at all Saturday.  I admit that I took zero photos during the time trials....basically five cars go out at a time and run for 2 minutes.  Each car is timed separately and are ranked according to their fastest lap.  To give you the highlights.....Greg Adams turned the fastest lap in the Street Stocks with a time of 15.788 while Jason Woodard's time of 16.289 was quickest among the Warriors.  Brendan Moodie had the fastest time among the Tigers (trying to track down his time).

        As for actual race action.....well, that started with a continuation of the Street Stock Special originally started over at Riverside Speedway in Groveton, NH.  The first 9 laps had been run before Mother Nature put an end to that show....and to avoid asking drivers to haul back another day it was decided that the remaining 41 laps would be run as part of this event.  So....the green flag dropped with 41 laps to run....Amanda Habel and Alan Maynard leading the pack.

Groveton veteran Nick Pillotte didn't let the change of venue stop him from grabbing the win! 
Alan Maynard and MC Ingram filled out the podium

The first segments of the monza style Features were run Saturday....with the finishes then inverted for
Sunday's finales.  Jason Woodard grabbed the 1st segment win in the Junkyard Warriors

The Street Stocks ran a "B" Feature consisting of the cars outside the top ten in
time trials to determine who would make it into the show.  Tim Campbell came away
with that win.

Brendan Moodie won the pole for the first segment by virtue of his quick lap -
he went on to win

Like Moodie, Greg Adams parlayed his pole position start into a first segment win.

Sunday's action

When I got to the track it was raining....within a very short period of time it was a monsoon
with HUGE thunder & lightning.  Here you can see how dedicated the crew and friends of
Bunker Hodgdon are....he's sitting in the car as they try to hold the tarp down.

Once the rain stopped it got HOT...humidity was at about 1000%......and racing went on at the scheduled time.
Jason Woodard grabbed another win in the Junkyard Warriors

Because of the monza style format, there were no Top Three Victory Lanes.....Greg Adams
won the Street Stock Combined Event

        I have to admit something embarrassing here....for the first time ever while shooting an event I had an issue that forced me to leave the infield for a bit to get out of the sun deal with low glucose issues.  I am Diabetic...but it has never affected my ability to do my job.  The heat and humidity (as well as shooting two race venues the day before) caused an unsafe drop in my sugar and basically left me feeling extremely drunk.  I kind of stumbled around the infield for a bit during the 200 lap Late Model Labor Day Classic....
but it was apparent that I had to get out of there and deal with my stuff.  So, under a caution about half-way through I left the infield.  I have no photos of the last 100 photos of Victory Lane.  By the time they finished up I had vomited, hydrated and gotten some shade.  So I went back out for the Tiger Feature.  I do apologize.  Congratulations to Nick Sweet for his impressive win......and to Joey Polewarczyk and Scott Payea for their podium finishes as well.

Bobby Therrien won the overall Tiger Feature driver trophies from this event:

Click here for my full gallery (351 shots) from Saturday's action!

Click here for my full gallery (546 shots) from Sunday's action!

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