Enduro & Street Stock Special

            Trying to come up with a way to get a few thousand people to sit in one place for hours while watching "normal" folks drive in circles?  Put 100+ of those "normal" folks on a 1/4 mile high-banked track at once...and have them race for 200 laps.  Throw away the Yellow Flag.....Green means go....Red means stop.  Red only comes out in the event of a roll-over or a fire (or if there is a particularly gruesome looking hit to a driver's door).  If your car gives up the ghost while sitting on the track...well that's where you'll be sitting until the next Red Flag (just ask Barre City Mayor Thomas Lauzon who sat at the entry to Turn Three for probably forty laps....bracing for impact over and over as cars flew by.  I had my camera trained on his car for many of those laps, sure that the next big impact would be someone creaming his Camaro.  Finally it did.....and I got a shot of it.  It's nearly impossible to know who is leading this thing.....but I picked who I thought went by me the most often.....and those are the drivers I took the most shots of.  Being in the infield for this one was a riot....I already can't wait for next year's edition!

            The other awesome part of this day is the inclusion of a Special 50 lap Street Stock Feature Event....the only time all year that this supporting division gets introduced to the crowd and the only time that they run 50 laps.  As an added bonus, a number of Cyclone Division drivers came over from Riverside to battle it out with out Junkyard Warriors.....was great to see enough cars on the track that our Warriors weren't thrown into the Street Stock Feature as usual!

I only took one driver/car shot of an Enduro competitors....this one, Janelle Hodgdon.  Not just because she's cute....
but because....well.....okay that was mostly why.  I would take more later.

The action got started with the combined Warriors/Cyclones qualifying....a little different to see
this combination going by

Visiting Cyclone driver took the top spot by beating Brock Parrott and
Jason Woodard, Warrior regulars, in the Feature

Line up for the 50 lap Street Stock Special.....time for the National Anthem

Kevin Streeter (Kyle's Dad) brought out a Mustang for it's first (and only?) appearance of the season....
somehow the decals I gave them for the car were lost so I only had a small window sticker with me. 
So....here's another VG Racing CreativeOutbursts.com machine!

Greg Adams took home the big trophy after putting on a great show!  Nick Pillotte and Greg's
brother-in-law Bunker Hodgdon filled out the top three

Getting the cars lined up for the start of the Enduro

The first Red Flag of the day came for this roll-over.....the driver of any car that was broken down
was removed from the track (the cars stay where they are for the most part)

Barre City's Mayor Lauzon (#39) is about to come to an abrupt stop

So....here is Janelle taking the short way through the infield to avoid a wreck.....I announced her
as my choice to win to my fellow photographer David Heath.  Well.....I said "She's either going to win
or lose in spectacular fashion!"  More on that in a few.

Mayor Lauzon finally getting to climb out of his car and take a golf cart ride to the pits.  I love the
smile as he watches his car smoke!

The best fire of the day!

This is how Janelle's race ended....if you miss the last 54 laps because your car is on its' roof...
and you are still credited with a 31st place finish....well you were flying!  Great job Janelle!  I
fully expect that we'll see you in a Street Stock next season!

Eventual winner of the $3,000 prize was Mike Forsey.  Past winner Don "Dipstick" Tofani, Mark Kline,
Janelle's brother Joel Hodgdon and the 2010 winner Taber Gagne rounded out the top 5.

CreativeOutbursts.com driver trophies from this event:

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