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        If you've ever wondered what makes the racing at Thunder Road such a "must see" event....well the action in this one went a long way toward explaining it.  First, it was absolutely gorgeous!  High on top of the hill in Barre Town there is nothing prettier than the sun setting over Turn Three as cars race through.  An infield photographer can't ask for a better background than that.  Throw in good racing on the track and it explains it all.

The first Feature of the night was run by the Sportsman Tigers....won by George May who led
Brendan Moodie and Joe Steffen onto the podium

In one of the more popular wins of the season, Charter employee "Super" Joe Fecteau beat Dan Lathrop and
Jayme Lee across the line.

This is what .002 seconds looked like at the line as Jayme Lee kept Jennifer Getty away from the third place trophy
in the Street Stocks

Another win for Brock Parrott in the Junkyard Warriors as Kevin Wheatley and Jason Woodard
settled for the second and third trophies.

Dave Pembroke finally broke through in the Late Models for his first win of the season, beating
Scott Payea and Brooks Clark.

Scott Payea (89) and Brooks Clark battle in front of a beautiful backdrop in the Late Model Feature driver trophies from this event:

Click here for my full gallery (666 shots) from this event!

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