First, my daughter Christi asked me to shoot her Senior Portraits. 
If I ever needed a reality check about getting old, that was it!

Christine Fisher
Spaulding High School
Class of 2009

Kim is an old friend that had a pretty major surgery on her jaw not long ago. 
I had taken some photos of her before and wanted to try again on
the "new & improved" Kim!! 

So glad that I did!  We had a blast and got some great results!!

Kim in June 2010

Janelle wanted her Senior Portraits shot at a beautiful little cemetery where she spends lots of quiet time near her home. I think it was an awesome choice! She was great to work with and very photogenic.... she has some of the prettiest eyes I've ever tried to capture. I look forward to working with her again at some point!

 Janelle Monczka
Spaulding High School

Class of 2010

I met Shawn's father through my work as the photographer for the Vermont Ravens where he was the Field Goal kicker.  Shawn and his Mom Beth drove down from Colchester to have me do the session....
I'm really glad that they were as happy with the results as I was!

Shawn Beaulieu
Colchester High School
Class of 2010

When I was asked to shoot Senior Portraits for this  young woman named Courtney,
I knew that I had to come up with good results.  I had known her a couple years and was
impressed with her as a person....not always true when it comes to teenagers these days.  When we
got together to shoot her photos, it happened to be on a chilly day in October...
and it happened to be her 17th Birthday.  We had a bunch of fun, as her Mom helped to make
sure we hit all of the shots that they were looking for. 


Courtney Smedy
Randolph Unified High School
Class of 2009


One year (almost to the day) of shooting Courtney's Senior Portraits, I had the
pleasure of taking them for her brother Dustin.  I had known him for a few years
and have always been impressed with his maturity. 
We shot at 4 different locations, and found keepers at each one! 

Dustin Smedy
Randolph Unified High School
Class of 2010


One of my favorite shoots so far was with a woman that Wanda works with and her family. 
It was a little challenging as we struggled to come up with a time that worked for everyone and
then a location
that would yield the background that they were looking for.  We succeeded.

The Steventon Family

Cameron is a really good kid who has managed to save up enough
money to buy his dream car, a 1975 Datsun 280Z.  He
wanted to have his Senior Portraits taken at a camp his family owns...
with his car.  I really like the results!

Spaulding High School
Class of 2010

I met Josh's Mom online after she became a fan of some of my
landscape photography.  I had heard a lot about his personality and
was really looking forward to working with him.  Happy to say that the
session went great and I think we got some great shots
that really captured who he is!

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Josh Ackerson

North Country Senior Unified High School District 22
Class of 2011