12-7 Banquet

2013 Annual Awards Banquet

Season Lap Leaders
Hornets - Mike Ryan
Fast Fours - Tim Martin*
LLM - Jason Giguere
Coupes - Billy Simmons*
Modifieds (Rookie) - Adam Gage
Modifieds - Adam Pierson

Ray Brown/Cliff Bullis Memorial Award
Hornets - Traci Nelson
Fast Fours - Don Reynolds*
LLM - Travis King*
Coupes - Jason Colbeth*
Modifieds - Josh Sunn*
Midgets - Ray Miller

Most Popular Driver
Hornets - Chris LaForest*
Fast Fours - Don Reynolds*
LLM - James Fadden
Coupes - Thomas Placey*
Modifieds - Robert Tucker*

"Oh What A Picture!" Hard Luck Award
Hornets - Charlie Lakin*
Fast Fours - TJ Morse*
LLM - Travis King*
Coupes - Josh Harrington
Modifieds - Joshua Currier*
Midgets - Jeff Horn

Rookie Of The Year
Hornets - Chris LaForest*
Fast Fours - Don Reynolds*
LLM - Brandon Gray*
Modifieds - Tim Hodge*
Midgets - Mike Chaffee

Sportsman Of The Year
Hornets - Cary Moulton
Fast Fours - TJ Morse*
LLM - Jason Giguere
Coupes - Buster Kathan*
Modifieds - Tim Tucker
Midgets - Scott Holcomb

John Poor Memorial Award
Kevin Chaffee/Jordan Fornwalt
Josh Harrington/KC Pike


Some of the staff and volunteers that make it a joy to return to the track every

Saturday night from May through October!  Could not ask for a better
group to work with!

*CreativeOutbursts.com driver

My photos from this event can be found here
My photos from the entire 2013 season at Bear Ridge can be found here