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            High temperatures and double points led to some interesting action on this evening!  Along with the regular weekly series', the Hornet Stingers and USAC DMA Midgets made a return visit to the track.  The current string of really hot weather added to the issues as all attempts to keep the dust down were unsuccessful.  Great racing also added to the issue (as strange as that sounds) as the final 105 laps of the night were run without a caution flag.  I would bet we won't see another stretch like that anytime soon!

Victory Lane following a Hornets Feature is starting to get redundant haha  Eric Lang took home his fifth win of the season
as he held off Thomas Placey and Mike Stender.

Kevin Harran picked up his third Feature win of the year (and with it he regained the points lead) as he
beat out Travis Hull and Bobby Bell

The Mods saw the most dominate race of the season as Adam Pierson lapped everyone
except Jason Gray and Chris Donnelly who joined him on the podium.  With a couple more laps
I think he would have lapped them as well!

Not to be outdone by his son Adam in the Mods, Gene Pierson Jr grabbed the Checkers for the
fourth time this season in the Coupes.  He was followed across the line by Shane Race and Jeremy Stygles.

It was a big week for Tyler Stygles, driver of the #50 Limited Late Model.  On Thursday, he celebrated the
birth of his daughter....and then on Saturday he picked up the Feature Event win by leading Troy
Comeau and Jeremy Hodge onto the podium.  Congratulations Tyler!

Scott Holcomb broke Joe Krawiec's winning streak in the USAC DMA Feature.....second went to
Kevin Chaffee with New EWngland Auto Racing Hall of Famer Ray Miller in third!

Travis King picked up his first win in the Hornet Stingers as led Geoff Durphey and
Dominic Bassett across the finish line.

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