Walker Motor Sales - John Poor Memorial

            The outstanding action on this little clay oval from the last few weeks continued on this night!  First time winners continue to climb to the top rung of the podium....including another two tonight (well, three if you count the bi-weekly youth division!)  Despite the abundance of dust (I just don't know what else the guys can do to cut this down....but this was the worst night of the season, I think!) a good crowd was witness to some great racing.

I was really surprised to hear that this was Terry Williams' first career win in the Wells River Chevrolet Coupes!
He is a solid driver.....and this is just a testament to how good the division really is!  Filling out the podium were
Shane Race and Gene Pierson, Jr.

Rookie Bobby Bell picked up his second Feature win of the season in the Fast Fours,
holding off Danny Doyle and Travis Hull

Josh Sunn grabbed a VERY popular first win in the Bond Auto DIRTcar Sportsman Mods.  Despite winning 30+
Features in 4 cylinder competition last season, it was apparent how much winning in the premier division
at Bear Ridge meant to him!  He was followed across the line by Jim Morgan and last week's winner
Justin Comes

Robert Tucker won his fifth Feature Event of the season in the Limited Late Models, holding off
Ray Johnson and Richie Simmons

I've been waiting to see this KDD NAPA Hornets podium all season!  Eric Lang won his sixth Feature....
and was joined by his good friend Thomas Placey and Don Reynolds in Victory Lane

The Hornets Youth Division is putting on better shows every time they take the track!  This time
Dominic Bassett held off Travis King and Kodie Pittman to grab his first Checkered Flag

The visiting Sprint Cars of New England put on an incredible show, complete with two Red Flags
before the first lap of the Feature was completed!  In the end, Chris Donnelly won his third Feature
while rookie Will Hull grabbed his first trophy (this one for 2nd place) and fellow rookie
Tyler Rich ended up in 3rd place.

Alex Enderson, the Grand Nephew of tonight's Honoree, John Poor, waved the Green Flag like an old pro!

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