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            The last race of July sure came up quick!  After all of the chaos on and off the track lately there was no telling what to expect.  Only thing that I knew for sure was that it would be another great night getting dirty at Bear Ridge!

The Connecticut Valley Dirt Karts put on a small exhibition.....including this 5 year old!  The Karts run
every Sunday afternoon at Bear Ridge and have drivers of all ages.  I went back the next day
and shot the action....what a great opportunity for these guys!

After the Karts, nearly 50 youngsters took to the track for bicycle races!  This was a little crazy....
definitely need more volunteers and better coordination to make it work!

With the kids off the track and out of harm's way, the Fast Four's had the first Feature of the night.
Travis Hull won his third Main Event of the season, followed by Stephen Bell and Kevin Harran.

Let's just say that Victory Lane for the Mods was....contentious.  Dan Eastman grabbed the win,
followed by Wayne Stearns and Mike Dunn who picked up his first trophy of the year.

The Coupes ran another great race with Gene Pierson, Jr. coming away with the win.  Bob Shepherd
finished second with Shane Race grabbing another trophy in third.

 Mike Stender ran away with the Hornets Feature....while Don Reynolds finished second and Thomas
Placey grabbed third on his birthday.

Ray Johnson won his first career Limited Late Model Feature after a last lap wreck took out
Richie Simmons and Jeremy Hodge.

The Sprint Cars of New England put on another great show!  This won was won by Dan Douville, followed
by point leader Chris Donnelly and rookie Tyler Rich who picked up his first podium finish.

The Hornet Stingers ended the show.....with Travis King taking the win followed by Geoff Durphey
and Dominic Bassett.  Bassett had the race pretty much wrapped up when he was torpedoed by
Kodie Pittman on the last lap. driver trophies from this event:

Click here for my full gallery (674 photos) from this event!

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