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            This event fell just one week after Tropical Storm Irene devastated Vermont and changed the lives of many.  Among those were 20+ year volunteer (and current Pit Boss) Penny Davis and her niece, also a long-time volunteer at Bear Ridge, Ashley.  While Irene's destruction made it impossible to help everyone it was possible for the folks at the little dirt track in Bradford to help a couple of their own.  So, helmets in hand, drivers entered the stands and allowed the people in attendance a chance to give a little back.  In putting a little money in a matter what the was clear that WE are Vermont Proud....WE are Vermont Strong.....WE are Vermont Family. 

Drivers head into the stands to "pass the helmet" and collect donations for Pit Boss Penny Davis who
lost everything when Tropical Storm Irene destroyed her home.

In one of the best driving performances I have seen all year, Penny's long-time friend and neighbor
Jim Morgan won his first Feature of the season....he led Justin Comes and Jason Gray onto the podium

Jim clearly won this race for his friends....and Penny and Ashley could not have been prouder!!

Well what do you do when you are waiting for your wife to give birth to your third child?  If you're Josh Harrington
you go out and win another Coupe Feature.  This time he was followed by Tim Hodge and Jason Horniak.
It was Hodge's first podium in a Coupe.  And....congratulations to Josh and Emily as they welcomed
Baby Reese to the team on September 9th at 12:11 am

Thomas Placey found his way back to the top of the podium in the Hornet Feature,
holding off Mike Stender and Don Reynolds.  Eric Lang suffered mechanical issues
which should make the points race really interesting!

Kevin Harran grabbed another win in the Fast Fours....this time holding off long-time racer/first-time
trophy winner Dave Durkee, Sr. and Travis Hull.  Durkee's excitement is EXACTLY what makes short track
racing so much fun!!

On "Madness Double Points Night" in the Limited Late Models, Robert Tucker found a way to win,
with a last lap pass in the 3rd and final segment giving him the overall victory by a single point
over Rookie Jordan Fornwalt and Tyler Stygles

Dan Douville made his way to the front again as the Sprint Cars of New England visited Bear RIdge
as part of their 3 race in 3 nights Triple Crown Program.  Chris Donnelly finished second while Clay Dow would
take third. 

Six of the top stock car asphalt drivers from around New England came together to try their hands
in the first ever "Asphalt Invitational."  Although Brian Hoar came away with the Checkers....all of these
guys deserve a little recognition for putting on a good show.  They are: John Donahue, Chip Grenier,
David Pembroke, Nick Sweet, Wayne Helliwell and Brian Hoar (left to right)

In the night-cap, Amanda Habel picked up the win in the Hornet Queens race,
followed by Julie Stender and Melissa King. driver trophies from this event:

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