Connecticut Valley Dirt Karts

        I really wish that I had made the effort to get over to Bear Ridge on a Sunday afternoon way before I did this summer!  A couple of my friends are pretty involved with this group, both in volunteering and driving... and Teri finally talked me into coming over to check it out.  The kart count was good my first visit, with somewhere around 25 drivers (can't say that there were that many karts as many of them are shared by drivers racing in different divisions) ranging in age from 5 to 50ish.  The one thing that they all had in common?  They were all having a good time!!

        I'm going to try to help the group out as much as I can....mostly through this page as I have gotten MANY questions by interested people about rules, divisions, etc.  I admit....I don't know the answers.  But I plan to gather the answers as much as I can and put them together here until the organization puts together their own website.  At least this way I will have some place to send people who are looking for information.


This is an example of the Tiger Division (5-10 years old)

These are called "Lights".....based solely on the weight of the driver

Same karts now called "Heavy"....again it depends on the weight of the driver

The "Junior" Division is made up of those drivers over 10 but not yet adults


Click on this photo to see my gallery (426 photos) from July 31st

Click on this photo to see my gallery (548 photos) from August 14th

        I will be adding links to rules, regulations, technical information, contact information, etc as soon as I can. 
If I have ANY of this wrong, DO NOT HESITATE to let me know!  I want to help.....not spread misinformation.