What makes action cameras so easy to use is simple:  accessories.  There are likely more accessories for these little cameras than for any other consumer product ever released.  I will not pretend to even know how some of the items that I have work...but I sure hope to figure it out haha.  I'm going to try to share my experiences with you here.  If you know of any "MUST HAVE" gadgets, please feel free to shoot me a message with information!  Thanks. 

Here's a peak at just one collection available....crazy how many options there are for these little cameras!

   Here's a link to the OFFICIAL GOPRO ACCESSORIES page
Just keep in mind that "Official" doesn't mean "only option"

Mounts & Buckles

    The single most important accessory for your action camera comes in MANY different flavors.  No matter what you plan to use your camera to capture, there is a mount built for it!

    These will not be in any particular order.  Click on photos for more information.  As always, links will open on new pages.

Head Strap

Chest Mount Harness
Wrist Strap


3-way Adjustable Hand Grip Stabilizer Mount

Sametop Jaws Flex Clamp Mount with Adjustable Gooseneck

Sametop Suction Cup Mount
Handlebar Seat post Mount

360 Degree Swivel Extension Arm

Buckle Clip Mount

J-Hook Mount

Tripod Mount Adapter
I have replaced the plastic one that came in an
accessory set with an aluminum version.

Adhesive Mounts
Misc Thumb Screws
Many accessories come with plastic thumbscrews,
I have broken three just by tightening them.  I am now replacing them with aluminum.

Other Stuff

    Mounts only go so far.  Here is a look at some of the other peripheral products to help you get the most out of your videos.  I will clearly NOT have every item out there...but I tend to be "that guy" who has things "just in case."

    These will not be in any particular order.  Click on photos for more information.  As always, links will open on new pages.
Click the above photo to find a list of recommended
memory cards for your GoPro
Rode VideoMicro
Platypod Pro
Platypod Pro Max
(I don't have the Max version yet - but I will)
GoRad Gear Selfie Stick
Tripod Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
LED Video Light
(I don't have this yet but a project that I have planned
will likely require it, or something similar)
GoPro Smart Remote
(I don't have this product yet - but an upcoming
 project will necessitate it)

Lumina 15000 mAh Portable Charger
FKANT 15000mAh Solar Charger
Wasabi Charger for VIRB Ultra 30.....and a couple extra batteries as well